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Top 10 questions and answers for HPE Synergy

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Top 10 questions and answers for HPE Synergy

Shortly after HPE Synergy started shipping customers approached us with several questions. Below you'll find the top 10 questions and answers we've been getting on HPE Synergy.

  1. Is HPE Synergy Composer a separate physical component from HPE Synergy Image Streamer? Yes, these are separate management appliances with the same form factor. HPE Synergy Composer is required for HPE Synergy operation, whereas HPE Synergy Image Streamer is an option.
  2. How many management bays are available in a single frame for HPE Synergy Composer and/or HPE Synergy Image Streamer? Each frame has two dedicated management bays, which are available for use by either HPE Synergy Composer or HPE Synergy Image Streamer. Management bays are separate from other module slots.
  3. Is redundancy built into the management systems (Composer, Frame Link Modules, and Image Streamer)? Yes, management systems are 100 percent redundant when the management components are installed in pairs. These deployed pairs provide high availability (HA). There is also significant redundancy built into the management fabric.
  4. Can HPE Synergy Composer manage across multiple subnets? Yes, provided the management LAN connectivity is on the same subnet. This assumes that all the Frame Link Module management LAN uplinks are on the same L2 network.
  5. Does HPE Synergy support IPv6 addresses? Yes, HPE Synergy supports IPv6 addresses. HPE Synergy Composer is accessible via IPv6, and all the compute module iLOs are also accessible via IPv6. However, the “IP pools” feature will support IPv4 addresses at initial release.
  6. Does HPE Synergy Image Streamer support bare-metal installation and virtual machines? HPE Synergy Image Streamer is focused on the bare-metal installation, and therefore, the focus would be on the hypervisor host OS instead of the virtual machine guests.
  7. Can you mix half-height and full-height compute modules in a frame? Yes. A frame can have a mix of compute and storage modules. The HPE Synergy 12000 Frame accommodates up to 12 half-height, six full-height, or three double-width full-height Compute Modules.
  8. What interconnect fabrics are supported today with HPE Synergy? Today interconnects support 10/20 Gb down to the compute modules, and 10/40 Gb up to the data center. 16 Gb Fibre Channel is also available.
  9. Is the HPE Synergy Storage “external” (like HPE 3PAR) or “internal”? HPE Synergy supports both external and internal storage. External storage is available via HPE 3PAR StoreServ. Internal storage is available via an in-frame module that supports 40 small form factor (SFF) drives in a high-density module. This in-frame module can be further used as zoned direct-attached storage (DAS) or software-defined storage (SDS).
  10. Will Fibre Channel storage provisioning be supported on HPE Synergy? Yes, Fibre Channel storage provisioning will be supported on HPE Synergy, as it is within the current HPE OneView.

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