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Updating Logical Interconnects

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Updating Logical Interconnects


What is the general view on risk when making changes to Logical Interconnects as far as potential outages,. I've a need to create a couple of new uplink sets for FC connectivity to a new fabric so won't be making any changes to any existing networks or uplink sets. However, I believe that when the Logical interconnects are updated from the LIG the entire configuration is re-applied? 

The version of OV is 5.5. Is there sufficient risk here of the configuration failing to apply properly that it's recommended to do this kind of work out of hours?

I've done this a couple of times in the past without issue but don't want to push my luck too far......

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Re: Updating Logical Interconnects

The correct process to make any changes to uplink sets is to edit them to the LIG & then perform an 'update from group' from the LI.
If any changes are made to the existing uplink sets, there will be momentary outage while the settings are edited on the Virtual Connect interconnect modules.
If no changes are done to the existing uplink sets, then ideally there shouldn't be any outage. However, the 'update from group' does a validation of the settings on the Virtual Connect modules with respect to the LI, and sometimes there could be network loss for a short period.
Also, if the 'update from group' function fails for any reason, the existing uplink sets might lose connectivity.

Hence for a production setup its recommended to plan a maintenance window and perform the edit, so that if in any case ther's an outage it doesn't come as a surprise to the users.

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