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Welcome! Please read before posting.

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Welcome! Please read before posting.

Thank you for visiting the HPE Synergy Online Community Forum. Please use this forum to ask any questions related to HPE Synergy as it pertains to general questions, issues, features, or how-to.

When submitting a post, please consider the following:

  1. This is a peer-to-peer forum. Anybody visiting the forum may provide a response to a question or post.
  2. Be as detailed as possible. Which product are you referring to, what kind of hypervisor, etc.? When possible, include images or files.
  3. Information about unannounced products or availability cannot and should not be discussed in this forum. Please engage with a local HPE Sales Person for this type of conversation.
  4. If the issue is critical, please submit a case with HPE Support Center.

With that in mind, what are some of the questions you may have for HPE Synergy?

Thank you!