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determine frame of g10 synergy module

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determine frame of g10 synergy module

Is there a way to determine what frame a module is in programmatically without logging into composer/api if I am on the host?  I know wbem is not longer available on g10.




Re: determine frame of g10 synergy module

I see that that you wanted to identify the Blade location with the Enclosure without logging to OneView GUI.

There is no such mechanism to determine Blade loction with the Frame without logging to OneView.

Workaround: Our customer have naming convention in such a way that they know which frame and slot location the Blade is in. For example -

a) they keep the hostname like (Host_Bay_1, Fame_2)

B) Similarly they also having naming in VCenter, fromwhich they know which slot and frame the Blade is in.

Hope this helps

Mohammed Mansoor Mohiuddin
Technical Solutions Consultant (HP-UX, HP-PA-RISC, Integrity Blade Server & HPE Synergy Servers )
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