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how to monitor oneview?

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how to monitor oneview?


Is it possible to add synergy (oneview) to an external monoting system using SNMP? If so, could you please share details how I can do that?

Thank you.


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Re: how to monitor oneview?

Hi there,

My name is Mansoor and I am from HPE Synergy team.

HPE OneView's networking resources support functionality such as Smart Link, Link Layer DiscoveryProtocol (LLDP) tagging, Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP), loop and pause flood protection, andSimple Network Management Protocol (SNMPv3) trap monitoring.

For HPE OneView 4.1, please refer to user guide: https://support.hpe.com/hpesc/public/docDisplay?docId=a00048164en_us

Note: If you have other revisions of HPE OneView, user guide might defer, but you will be able to google it out easily depending upon the revision you have.

Hope this helps.


Mohammed Mansoor Mohiuddin
Technical Solutions Consultant (HP-UX, HP-PA-RISC, Integrity Blade Server & HPE Synergy Servers )
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Re: how to monitor oneview?


thank you for your reply but I don't see an answer to my question: is it possible to get information using SNMP protocol FROM Oneview?  If so, how?


Let me explain what I need: I would like to receive notifications from Synergy frame in case current power consumption more than XXX Watts. Oneview shows this information but I have no clue how to create such e-mail notifications directly from Oneview and would like to get information about power consumption using SNMP from Oneview and process this information in external monitoring system. 


thank you.


Re: how to monitor oneview?

Goto settings-> SNMP  -- there you can configure a trap destination to forward SNMP traps to.

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Re: how to monitor oneview?

In what cases trap will be generated? As I know, SNMP trap will be generated in case of a component failure, for example: disk failed, trap generated. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

One more time: I need to monitor power consumption of a synergy frame and in case it is higher than my_own_limit - generate an e-mail. How "configuring trap destination" solve this?

thank you!