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ip subnet re-config HPE Synergy

I am trying to help a customer who needs to re-configure their Synergy frame to utilize a new subnet.   They are trying to eliminate sub-net conflicts across a distributed organization.   They need to change their management network to a new subnet as well as re-configure all the compute nodes and hosted VMs.   Can the management network be defined to contain multiple subnets or will a separate definition be required and everything moved to the new network?    Also is access to the compute modules maintained even while changing the mangement network?   Thanks for any advice.


Re: ip subnet re-config HPE Synergy


Yes, multiple subnet address pools can be added in EG. Management IPs will be allocated from first pool and then from second pool when first is filled.
These actions are on the management side. So, production traffic (via CNA /VC) will not be impacted.
ILO of the computes won't be accessible during this change.

You may follow below step to move to a new subnet.
Change the composer IP
Create a new address pool.
Edit the EG and delete the old address pool
Add the new address pool
Go to LE and update from group.
One LE update is complete, delete the address pool from address and identifiers page.




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