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Re: virtual fibre channel on Hyper-V

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virtual fibre channel on Hyper-V

Hi everyone

I am trying to create virtual fiber channel adapters on Hyper-V VMs ,  but a message appears that the device doesn't support it, NPIV is enabled on all ports of virtual connect Brocade 16Gb/24 FC Switch , how to access the FC HBA from the bay side ? to make sure npiv is enabled ,

in summary, how do I access qlogic HBA settings on synergy bay ?




Re: virtual fibre channel on Hyper-V

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I guess you are using HPE Synergy 3830c adapter in the compute as you mentioned about the 16GB VCFC so below is the link for the utility which you can use.
This component contains QLogic QConverge Console (QCC),a web-based management tool for configuring and managing QLogic Fibre Channel Adapters.



additionaly I am providing you the below link for utility regarding HPE Synergy 3820 Converge network adapter in case you need this in future.
The HPE ProLiant Converged Network Utility (CNU) is a stand-alone application for configuring HPE FlexFabric and StoreFabric network adapters for iSCSI and FCoE ports. CNU enables configuration of iSCSI and FCoE storage interfaces in both Flex and non-Flex mode.


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