HPE Webinars - 2018
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Apr 24 - How Predictive Analytics makes YOU and everyone else smarter


Apr 24 - How Predictive Analytics makes YOU and everyone else smarter



In the storage community, flash is definitely the new normal; so much so that box-to-box or array-to-array comparisons aren’t all that differentiated these days.   So what separates the average from the outstanding, when it comes to flash storage arrays?    HPE believes that it is storage that 1.) leverages predictive analytics, 2.) is cloud-ready and is able to understand your application, regardless of where it resides, and 3.)  is timeless, with characteristics that protect your IT investment.  In this webinar, Jorge Maestre, HPE Storage evangelist and influencer, drills down into these new age storage requirements.  Take predictive analytics for example.  Think about the possibilities in your datacentre, when storage can take advantage of intelligence coming from 10’s of thousands of arrays, to make your experience better – from a support perspective, from a usability perspective, and from an all-around ownership perspective.   You’ll come away with a new appreciation on how predictive analytics is a game changer for storage.