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Feb 13 - Webinar: Storage Solutions for Big Data (4 of 4 Sessions)

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Feb 13 - Webinar: Storage Solutions for Big Data (4 of 4 Sessions)

Session 4:  Storage Special –Big Data and Storage tiering

There is one characteristic when it comes to Big Data projects: The amount of data will grow. There are different requirements from analyzing the hot data to keeping information immutable persistent at petabyte scale. Different platforms and options available. The most popular is Hadoop. However, the Hadoop HDFS storage layer is not really an efficient data store, due to the initial three-way replication. Why not make use of Storage tiering to a more “cloud likedata store or cold Data?

Join the session and learn what options are possible to connect Hadoop with Object Storage and how it change with the new release of Hadoop 3.0 and the implementation of Erasure coding. We will discuss the different storage tiering options, as well as the HPE Object Storage offerings, like Scality or CEPH. Learn when it makes sense to build an additional storage tier to enrich Big Data environments

  • Date:  February 13, 2019
  • Time:  08:00 am PST / 09:00 am MT 
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Target Audience: All 
  • Content: 
    - Big Data / Hadoop Customer Scenarios
    - Hadoop File System (HDFS)
    - Data tiering concepts
    - Erasure Coding vs. Cloud storage
    - HPE Portfolio and Offering
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