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Feb 11-15: HPE at HIMSS 2019

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Feb 11-15: HPE at HIMSS 2019

Hewlett Packard Enterprise advances the way people live and work.
Our vision is to enable high quality care, lower costs, and promote healthy populations of engaged citizens thereby improving health and community well-being through technology and health information that is accessible when and where it matters most.  Come visit the HPE booth:

When:    February 11 - 15, 2019
Where:    Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida
Location:  Booth #3321

Theatre Session:  “Elevating the Patient’s Digital Experience” 
Speakers:  Aditya Bhasin, Vice President, Software Design & Development, Digital Solutions, Stanford Health Care
When:  Tuesday, February 12th
Time:  2:00 pm ET
Location:  W311A


Demo Sessions live daily at the booth #3321

Demo Description
Aruba Location Services improving the patient experience Aruba Meridian's location-based capabilities allows enhanced services like wayfinding, push notifications, and the ability to add location context to your existing healthcare applications, providing solutions like asset tracking and automated check in.
Aruba 360 Secure Fabric Aruba’s 360 Secure Fabric helps hospitals and healthcare providers confidently bring a variety of users and devices onto the network with advanced analytics to show what the device is, what it historically does on the network, and monitor behavior.
Wireless Product Wall Aruba’s infrastructure and architectural flexibility enable a smarter network, designed from the Edge to create experiences.
Digital Health with HPE Hybrid HPC Cloud The Life Sciences value chain is being redefined with the following ingredients: smarter devices and instruments, smarter data and smarter insights and decisions. This implies the emergence of a new “cyber infrastructure” to ensure that compute and storage capacity can be made available whenever needed by all the stakeholders. At the core of this “cyber infrastructure” sit Digital Platforms such as 3DEXPERIENCE, from Dassault Systèmes. Complex workflows developed using 3DEXPERIENCE such as Living Heart simulations can be extremely demanding in terms of resources, hence the HPE and UberCloud objectives to provide easy access to High Performance Computing capabilities.
Accelerating Discovery: Advancing Alzheimer’s research and the future of healthcare with Memory-Driven Computing HPE’s technology advancements are allowing our customers and partners to address some of the most significant challenges facing society today. Neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s represent one such challenge. With the potential to strike millions of people as world populations age, DZNE is fighting these diseases using big data analytics. Partnering with HPE on Memory-Driven Computing, DZNE is seeing unprecedented 100x computational improvements that hold new promise in the race against Alzheimer’s. Visit this demo to learn how.
Tech Impact 2030: Personal Health Through an open collaboration with the World Economic Forum, we’re bringing together leaders across industry, technology, academia and government to solve a series of societal challenges. Recently announced was the challenge to enable real-time, personalized medical care for patients by 2030. Come hear about the next challenge around personal health!
Highly Scalable Image Archive Storage based on HPE Apollo The growing use of ever higher quality imaging that is improving diagnostic capabilities is also driving an accelerated data growth, challenging the storage component of medical imaging archive systems. Medical Imaging is driving a significant portion of the healthcare data management challenge and as the amount of storage space required balloons, the size and number of images generated for quality patient care is quickly outstripping storage capacity. The challenge is compounded by both the cost of growth, and the costly “forklift upgrade” nature of many traditional storage platforms. HPE is helping Providers address the challenge by delivering manageable cost effective Imaging storage capable of linear scale, without fork-lift upgrades. The HPE Apollo Storage Server Platform running leading Software Defined Storage (SDS) solutions offers massively scalable cost effective storage for current and future image archive growth. Learn how to leverage HPE Apollo Storage based Software Defined Storage solutions and tame your imaging storage beast.
Intelligent Storage: AI-driven, built for cloud, and delivered as-a-Service Health systems need to unlock the potential of their data and extract its value. To do this, they need solutions that are intelligent and optimized to help turn insights into action in an instant. Intelligence changes everything, and HPE delivers intelligent storage solutions that work to understand themselves and adapt to their workloads through the use of enriched tools as well as capitalizing on patterns and performance insights mined from the millions of runtime hours of telemetry data generated by our install base. Through AI based Machine Learning, we are uniquely capable of gaining context and awareness uncovered from that telemetry data to better manage and enhance data strategies. With a storage portfolio that is uniquely positioned to deliver intelligence across the IT stack, HPE Storage provides a transformative data experience aligned to healthcare business needs today and into the future.
Proactive AI for Hybrid Cloud HPE InfoSight brings simplified, AI-driven operations to your customers’ hybrid cloud world, transforming how their infrastructure is managed and supported. It uses cloud-based artificial intelligence to provide global insights into the status and health of infrastructure, all in one location. NEW: HPE InfoSight has just been extended from HPE 3PAR and HPE Nimble Storage to HPE ProLiant, HPE BladeSystem, HPE Apollo, and HPE Synergy Servers.
Improving your experience by enabling access to everything Your EMR ecosystem now depends on tightly integrated healthcare applications, augmented by 3D graphics, video and AI to enhance healthcare delivery across dozens of clinical specialties. HPE has developed an architectural approach to sustainably and cost-effectively deliver access to everything healthcare across your health system.
Everything as a Service Achieve cloud-like flexibility and economics on-site with HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity. Get the right flexibility and cost for your compute and storage environment. Deploy a sophisticated IT Consumption Model, with variable costs, increased utilization and extra room to deploy the next healthcare initiative quickly. Provide elastic storage capacity ahead of demand while you pay only for what you use. Manage the on-site infrastructure yourself or have HPE manage it for you…do it on your terms!
HPE OneView: A single solution to transform servers, storage and networking into software-defined infrastructure Join us to learn more about the new features in HPE OneView, extending the value of HPE’s software-defined infrastructure management solution. New features include streamlined management of clusters and firmware updates, secure, live Remote Technician support and more. HPE OneView simplifies lifecycle operations, deploys HPE infrastructure at cloud-like speed and helps you deliver more apps faster.


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Re: Feb 11-15: HPE at HIMSS 2019

This is really thorough with details of some great use cases using HPE's entire portfolio in action, and is relevant to others outside the health care vertical. Well done.