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BA536 and VW and/or VA disks

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Piet Timmers_1
Frequent Advisor

BA536 and VW and/or VA disks

I need information about a BA536 disk storage cabinet.


Can it hold VA and/or VW disks?


Who knows this?


Greetings and thanks.



Duncan Morris
Honored Contributor

Re: BA536 and VW and/or VA disks



here is an old storageworks catalogue with details of "supported" drives.




There are also some other interesting comments in this thread:





Piet Timmers_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: BA536 and VW and/or VA disks

Thanks, just what i was looking for.
Bob Blunt
Respected Contributor

Re: BA536 and VW and/or VA disks

The CORRECT answer is "Yes" IF you were really asking about the BA356, standard device shelf (not one that fits inside an Alpha).


The type disks (wide, narrow, slow, fast, and permutations thereof ad nauseum) you can use in a BA356 is determined by the personality module you use and the SCSI adapter/HBA to which it connects more than the shelf itself.


There is documentation galore but pulling all the resources together can be frustrating.  The shelf itself has very few ways it can be configured and in many cases you should stick with one *general* type disk in the enclosure.  Either narrow or wide.  SOME SCSI disks are capable of working in a configuration with dissimilar disks by adjusting themselves "down" to some lowest common denominator but there are limits.  In general you can't mix differential with non-differential disks but this is a general caution.  Some differential disks can be configured on a non-differential bus but you have to be extremely careful when you try to configure in this manner.  There are adapters you can use to convert from differential to a non-differential bus (like the DWZZA/DWZZB family) too.


To make things more likely to work together it is better to try to keep the same type disks on a bus or in an enclosure.  Mixing normal and wide can work but it isn't guaranteed.  Mixing some really old "slow" SCSI disks with newer drives can also work but that combination isn't guaranteed.  You can usually expect that most "normal" disks will usually work together, that most "wide" disks will work together, most LVD (low-voltage differential) disks will work together and most HVD (high-voltage differential) disks will work together.  Older differential disks (which are usually HVD flavored) might damage or be damaged by non-differential disks.


There are a LOT of flavors in play here and the guidelines can be daunting.  Try to stay in the same "speed and interface family" types (-VA with -VA and -VW with -VW and LVD with LVD and HVD with HVD).  You'll also need to investigate the personality modules that can be used in the BA356.