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HSG80 Disk Drive Matrix


HSG80 Disk Drive Matrix

Does anybody know if the HSG80 controller support 300GB drives. I know it supports it up to 146GB with 8.6 firmware. Does anybodybody know if the v8.7x or v8.8x supports the 300GB drives.
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Re: HSG80 Disk Drive Matrix

From the
"HP StorageWorks HSG80 Enterprise/Modular Storage RAID Array Fibre Channel Solution Software Version 8.8 Release Notes"

Disk Device Support

To retrieve the latest list of devices supported with HSG60 and HSG80 array controllers:

1. Go to the following link:

2. Select the manuals (guides, supplements, addendums, etc) link under self-help resources.

3. Select the HSG60, HSG80, HSJ80, HSZ80 Supported Disk Drive Matrix link.

The document is dated July 2005, and doesn't show anything beyond the 146GB drives. Maybe log a case to get a second opinion?
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Re: HSG80 Disk Drive Matrix

The release notes say explicitly that 300gb drives are NOT supported. Not just that they have not been tested - code has specifically been added to prevent the use of 300GB drives.