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ORCA configuration utility

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ORCA configuration utility

We have just purchased an rx3600 Integrity Server running Ver 8.3 of OpenVMS. We are trying to configure our SmartArray 6402 StorageWorks that contains 14 disk drives.

We were going to try to use the ORCA configuration utility to do this but we can't seem to get into the utility by following the instructions supplied.

When the system powers up, we go into the EFI utility. The system then starts checking the devices on the system. When it gets to the card for the SMARTARRAY StorageWorks, it says that this has not yet been configured. It says to "hit F1 to continue" or "F8 to configure the device". Hitting F1 or F8 does not seem to do anything. Eventually it times out and goes to the "SHELL>" prompt. Not sure if we should be doing something at this point. The instructions we were given just make it look like once you hit "F8" it should bring us into the ORCA CONFIG menu. No Luck with that. Help!

Also, it tells us in the instructions to make sure that we are running version 2.58 or later of the SmartArray Firmware. How do we check this? When we boot up the system it indicates that the system is running Firmware F.01.58. Is this referring to the firmware on the server itself?

Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Re: ORCA configuration utility

Hello Michelle,

Looks like you need to grab the rx3600 firmware updates and SmartArray 6402 firmware updates from the "software and downloads" part of the HP website. Try here: and here: - if those don't work then just search for the rx3600 and the SmartArray 6402.

Follow the firmware update instructions (looks like a simple boot from CD after you've made a bootable CD from the ISO image).

Next configure the array, then figure out what presented devices you get at EFI level.

Now insert the VMS media and use the EFI script to show the VMS device names (see available EFI scripts in the fsN:\efi\vms directory on the VMS media).

Lastly boot the VMS media, then check it all out from a DCL prompt and eventually run the installation, then apply patches, then set up the boot options.

You might find that you need to boot the target device manually until you have all the patches loaded - I had something similar with the rx2660 and the built-in 8slot SAS array controller.

There are also EFI commands such as (I think) "devices" and "drivers" which are useful - lists the configuration out for you. Most of what you need is there in the start-up output and the fsN: / blkN: device listings - but you have to work at it to decode it!

Good luck.
Cheers, Colin (
Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem (Occam's razor).
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Re: ORCA configuration utility

Thank you Colin for the information.

After struggling some more we found out that we do have the latest versions of the system firmware and the SmartArray firmware.

We also finally found our way into the ORCA Configuration Utility. We were using the serial connection for our console. It did not understand the F1 or F8 keys. We set up a connection using the MP LAN connection and used the Web Browser to access the iLO 2 interface. We used Remote Terminal from in there and it accepted the F1 and F8 inputs.

I think we are all set for now.

Thank you again for your quick response.

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Re: ORCA configuration utility

"F1" and "F8" aren't necessarily what you think they are. Were you using a "real" VT terminal or a terminal emulation package running on a PC? You might have to set up keyboard mappings. How is your serial console set up - it should be VT100+ and you should use a PC based terminal emulator for best results. Alternativly use the web interface as you've discovered.

Remember dealing with AlphaBIOS on an Alpha and a serial console where you had to know the alternative escape sequences? Here's the list (section at

These sequences are needed when using an LK-series keyboard with AlphaBIOS, as AlphaBIOS expects a PC-style keyboard:

F1 Ctrl/A
F2 Ctrl/B
F3 Ctrl/C
F4 Ctrl/D
F5 Ctrl/E
F6 Ctrl/F
F7 Ctrl/P
F8 Ctrl/R
F9 Ctrl/T
F10 Ctrl/U
Insert Ctrl/V
Delete Ctrl/W
Backspace Ctrl/H
Escape Ctrl/[
Return Ctrl/M
LineFeed Ctrl/J
(Plus) + upselect (some systems)
(Minus) - downselect (some systems)
TAB down arrow
SHIFT+TAB up arrow

Cheers, Colin (
Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem (Occam's razor).
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Re: ORCA configuration utility

A quick thought - you might find some of these slides useful (they're from a recent HP OpenVMS Roadshow event in London):
Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem (Occam's razor).