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OpenVMS and Compellent

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OpenVMS and Compellent

I am doing some research for my company, and came across this forum as a source of OpenVMS expertise. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience running OpenVMS 8.3 or 8.4 along with Dell Compellent SAN arrays? Or if anyone has any idea if those can be integrated, or any obstacles to their integration?

Jur van der Burg
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Re: OpenVMS and Compellent

If the san array is capable of setting an identifier for a lun you may be able to use it, but there are not many controllers besides the hp supported ones that can do that. If it cannot then the controller is unusable, you cannot get it to work with vms.




Andy Bustamante
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Re: OpenVMS and Compellent

First answer:  Check with Dell to see if they support this hardware with OpenVMS.


Second answer:  If your data isn't very important and you're willing to accept possible issues, try it and see what happens.  Be aware that load related problems may appear down the line.  

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