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VAX 7000 Clustered with HSC70 and MA24

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VAX 7000 Clustered with HSC70 and MA24

I am having a problem on the above system. Some where along the line, I have lost contact with the tape drives on the MA24. The VAX 7000 see's all 10 of the RA90's, but not the Exabyte 8200/8500 tape drives. I get several error's on boot of the HSC70 and it all refers to ???? unit 4095 with different Event codes (01AB, 014B). The latter (014B) showing in 3 of the 4 messages. I also get "DISK-E Sequestor 2. Out-of-band 000504 message with Disk Unit 4095 (Req.2, Port 3.) Declared inoperable. Intervention required. Can anyone help me with what is required to get Tape Drives back into the configuration, so I can do a finale back-up of the system before it is turned off for moving to another location? Thanks in advance!

Bob Blunt
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Re: VAX 7000 Clustered with HSC70 and MA24

Wow, REAL clustering on CI.  Yes, indeedy.  Could you possibly get the exact, complete messages from the HSC that refer to the failures (during boot or not) and attach or post?  It would seem at first that you've probably got a requestor card or something attached to one of them (either a K.STI or one that can swing either tape or disk).  I'm not that familiar with a "MA24" and am curious if that is an Exabyte giblet?  I'm also curious if you're getting errors logged in errorlog on the VAX.

My gut feel is that you're probably dealing with broken hardware either connecting the Exabyte or the requestor.  I had a BUNCH of spares for the HSCs a few years ago but now they're gone...much to my dismay.


Just out of curiosity please include your VMS version and what the HSCs are running as well as the type of CI controller and their firmware...