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some question s on storagework-containers

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some question s on storagework-containers

Hi all


in some manual I found that the MSA500-g2 is not supported on OpenVMS. Any idea why? Is it not just SCSI?

Does this mean it will not work when connected to a Rx4640, by either the "standard" SCSI adaptor or a "Smart array raid-controler" card?


What is the difference between an MSA500 and MSA500-g2?



I also found some where a "Storage works 4300".  Any idea if that box will work with the RX4640 described above?

For this 4300 I could find no mention of OpenVMS (or any other OS) only a list of supported SCSI-adaptors/raid controlers.



Bob Blunt
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Re: some question s on storagework-containers

Jouk, in many cases "unsupported" means untested.  While that is a gross over-simplification something like a shelf should be pretty simple (and I'm guessing that your StorageWorks 4300 is a shelf).  The MSA500 is a totally different beast than a simple shelf.  It has controllers and devices in the enclosure and I think that the closest equivalent would be one of the low-end members of the HSZ family.  There are some specific requirements that this enclosure would need to meet for it to work correctly with OpenVMS on ANY platform.  The online information about the MSA500 family hints that this is intended as "shared SCSI storage" for the Proliant family.  While SCSI is generally just SCSI there can be controller configurations and O/S requirements that are vastly different between, for example, OpenVMS and Windows platforms.  In my opinion Windows has historically seemed to be somewhat less complicated to connect to storage and OpenVMS has more complex, higher demands because data integrity is expected to be more crucial.


If you've really got a StorageWorks 4300 shelf and can find the right "personality modules" then you could certainly try it with your I64 server provided it has a compatible SCSI adapter.  Again you're possibly dealing with a matter of supported versus tested but this should be more likely to work.


The main issue with trying to use either unsupported items are your risks.  If some unsupported combination of hardware works completely without any problems you win.  If it fails or causes some hard to find corruption or data loss you're not going to get support from HP without paying big.  You could contact them first to find out what you need to use or get but normal support for unsupported/untested hardware combinations is usually not easily available.