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7.0 E0102 up to 7.1 E0303P06 upgrade fails...

Occasional Collector

7.0 E0102 up to 7.1 E0303P06 upgrade fails...

Hi Everyone,


We've been using v7.0 (E0102), and we're looking at:


v7.0 (E0102) to v7.1 (E0303)

then update to 7.1 p6 (E0303P06) to bring all up-to-date.


We run on a Win2k12 box, and separate SQL 2008R2 database.


I have the downloaded files, but when I try to deploy the updated components, but the only thing I can see is (in the dmslog):


2015-03-09 11:04:08 [INFO ] [Thread-111] [com.h3c.imc.deploy.dma.MasterDeployTask::executeDeploy(167)] Executing com.h3c.imc.deploy.tasks.UnzipFileTask(Unzipping file -
2015-03-09 11:04:10 [INFO ] [Thread-111] [com.h3c.imc.deploy.dma.IPConfigFileManager::a(168)] Start loading server-addr.xml configuration file
2015-03-09 11:04:10 [INFO ] [Thread-111] [com.h3c.imc.deploy.dma.IPConfigFileManager::a(232)] Load server-addr.xml configuration file succeeded
2015-03-09 11:04:10 [ERROR] [Thread-111] [com.h3c.imc.deploy.dma.MasterDeployTask::executeDeploy(254)]
java.lang.IllegalStateException: dbPassword should be set first
at com.h3c.imc.deploy.tasks.BuildDatabaseTask.prepare(
at com.h3c.imc.deploy.dma.MasterDeployTask.executeDeploy(
at com.h3c.imc.deploy.dma.MasterMessageHandler.c(


The deployment Log gives:


Component ID: iMC-PLAT
Name: iMC Platform - Resource Management
Version: iMC PLAT 7.1 (E0303)
InnerVersion: V700R001B03D006
Operation: Update completed
Result: failed
Fail reason: Performing deployment or upgrade on the master server failed. For details, see the log on the master server.


I only have a master server and a remote DB.


The "dbPassword should be set first" issue makes me think that the password getting to the DB is the issue, but all has been happy before I attempted the update.


Any thoughts?




C Bailey

Occasional Collector

upgrade fails...refactored User/DB names?

After further investigation, I wonder if it's the refactored DB names and Accounts.


Since it's an SQL server we use for a couple of things (we're only planning on having ~25nodes), we wanted to rename the security accounts and DB's to allow it to be easilly identified - hence we changed the accounts to "imc_<accountname>" (most were already like this).


Also updated the DB names (and re-located files, etc) to be "IMC_<DBNAME>".


See attached jpeg screenshot of SQL server (just the IMC stuff obviously).


As I mentioned, this was working fine, since we'd ammended the server-addr.xml file appropriately. Has been working for a month or so.




This is the first upgrade we've done, so I also wondered if it was just an issue with updating the deployment config - sure enough, there was a dbconfig.xml with old db/user names, so I've now ammended that to have the right details.


However - still no luck.


I've uploaded these files for your perusal - yes I've removed passwords and adjusted the servername, but otherwise, it's exactly as-is (wondering about open/closed quote marks on the iMC-REPORT line of dbconfig.xml?)


Are there any other locations this should be ammended. I'm wondering if there is another config file I haven't found that needs updating.




Finally, I suspect it's just because of the "pending" deployment state, byt if I try to start IMC at the moment, all services start apart from the jserver service - which is hanging at "Error occurred in process startup. For details, see the log". Not so worried yet, but just in case it's related...