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About SNMP MIB support

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About SNMP MIB support

Hi supports,


There are some switches in the network topoloay, but I can not get correct result by IMC "Auto Discover".

I think that maybe the switch does not support some "MUST" mibs and cause It cannot get response.

Could you please tell me what kind of MIBs are  the device must support?

We need to implement that to meet IMC spec.


e.g. MIB-II, DISMAN-PING-MIB, ......


Thanks a lot.

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Re: About SNMP MIB support

What sort of switches are they?


What happens when you try to discover them? What does IMC discover them as?

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Re: About SNMP MIB support

Hi LindsayHill,


Thanks for your response.


The switch is "L2 MANAGED SWITCH" (model name is "AT-IFS802-80").

IMC can get the device when use auto-discover, but unable to draw the correct topology.

I use "wireshock" to capture the packets during this time and do some analysis.

I found the switch didn't response some snmp request packets from IMC.