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Alarm IMC remote to IMC master site

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Alarm IMC remote to IMC master site

Hello all,

I have successfully install a new IMC remote site. All works perfectly except Alarms.

All device is up in my remote site. I see my remote site in my IMC Master. But if I restart for test one device on the remote site, alarm appears only in web console of IMC remote but nothing in IMC master.

I've try to create group in Master. One group primary an one group secondary. And with this groups, create a custom view. One custom view primary and one custom secondary.

Other problem is when I create a custom view secondary. I choose devices in group list "secondary" (It's a only place where I can see my remote devices in IMC master). But when i valid configuration, no remote device is add in custom view but some local switch appear in this group, while I chose my remote switch.

Thanks for your help.