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Alarm Notification wtih iMC_PLAT_7.0_E0202_Basic

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Alarm Notification wtih iMC_PLAT_7.0_E0202_Basic



I want to get an email, only when a "Power Supply" Event on my HP Procurve (8212zl, 5406zl and 5412zl) accours.


At this time I have a Trap from the 8212zl with the OID when one of the Power Supplys go down. And I receive the email. That works.


But whit the same OID there are traps with some othe events on the switch: User log in oder Port goes down etc.


How can I use the "eventDescription" in the  "Set Alarm Parameter" to filter exact to the Power Supply Events in the Alarm Settings under Alarm Notification?




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Re: Alarm Notification wtih iMC_PLAT_7.0_E0202_Basic

The docs aren't very clear about how to handle wildcards in the parameter settings there.


But I would have thought you would want to match "Power supply failure", or something like that, rather than the OID you seem to be matching on there.


That said, it looks like this specific trap OID is used for syslog messages, where syslogs also get sent as traps. I would have thought those switches would send a specific trap for a power supply failure, rather than the generic trap?


If they only send generic traps, then you might want to instead collect/alert on this data via Syslog.