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Authentication Failure Log - E63117: system unknown error

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Authentication Failure Log - E63117: system unknown error

Just upgraded from 7.1 to 7.2

Overall impression is that's its must speedier. But in UAM for my 802.1x users I'm getting lots of these errors in the AUthentication Failure log:

E63117: system unknown error

Anyone seen this and/or have any ideas/suggestions?

The error is too vague to know where to start.

Sometimes the user is succesful when the authentication retries. Might be related to the MAC address - I had one instance where the user had 2 nics on his box - first nic failed to authenticate repeatedly. Switch the cable to nic 2 and good authentication. So its not the switch port locking up - 

My early tests looked good. 802.1x and mac authentication were working but then these errors started to show up.

I've gathered some logs then rolled it back.