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Auto backup plan failed

Occasional Contributor

Auto backup plan failed

Hi, i'm using IMC 7.1

I have a problem when i want to set auto backup plan for switch HP 5500 HI series, this device use login type SSH. so how i can fix this problem ? i attached picture erorneus when set auto backup.

and what a paramater for this HP 5500 HI support type of trasferfile methode? FTP?TFTP?or SFTP?


can i help problem solving for this ?





Novian Junanto.P

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Re: Auto backup plan failed

Hi - I have HP 5900-AF-48XGT-4QSFP+ switch. Not sure if similar enough. But I can back up config OK.

I have telnet set and tested for login.

I have snmp read & write set and tested.

I did a wireshark capture. IMC sent and recieved snmp packets then used TFTP to transfer. No telnet.

TFTP client enabled on switch?  I think it tries TFTP and then telnet if it TFTP fails, so check that. 

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Re: Auto backup plan failed

Could be an easy one. Check what Login Type is set for that device/s.

Go to the device itself under Resource and change Login Type to SSH.