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Backup MSM760 in IMC

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Backup MSM760 in IMC


Does anyone know how to backup an MSM controller in IMC? I get following error:

I think only ftp is compatible, but i don't know how to configure it properly in IMC and in the MSM760 controller.

Anyone had the same problem?


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Re: Backup MSM760 in IMC

It's been a few years since I worked with those, but I know that it _could_ be done. From memory, it needed SNMP read-write, and FTP enabled on IMC.

What file transfer type do you have set for the MSM760? Have you installed/configured an FTP server on the IMC server?

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Re: Backup MSM760 in IMC

yes i run MSM765 and it backs up fine. Though I think  a while back I need to tweak the adapter index with the correct sysOID - i think they fixed that.

You will need SSH as your login type on imc, SSH access to the CLI enabled on the MSM under management/cli

SNMP r/w either v2 or v3. IMC uses snmp and cli to kick off ftp script.

FTP server is used to save the backup so need ftp server running on imc - I have already for NTA. if you don't filezilla works fine

You should see this entry in the adapter-index.xml file in  <Install drive>\Program Files\iMC\server\conf\adapters\ICC\Hewlett Packard

<type name="SNMP">
<adapter name="HPProcurveMSM">
<description>HP ProCurve msm 760 controllers series</description>

If that's missing then I can help you configure that part of it. If the sysoid is different change it to match above.

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Re: Backup MSM760 in IMC


Thanks for the replies!

I installed filezilla on the server and configured the ftp part in IMC.  I tried the backup and it worked! 


Kind regards