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Backup config with TFTP fails

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Backup config with TFTP fails



I am trying to backup the configuration of some switches through IMC with TFTP but I get the message "TFTP server not started". The IMC is running on a Windows server and I have installed TFTP software (Solarwinds) that is running. Is there something I am missing inconfiguring TFTP?



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Re: Backup config with TFTP fails

You should not be running Solarwinds TFTP.


IMC includes its own TFTP server. You can't have two programs both listing on UDP port 69. 


Stop the Solarwinds TFTP server. Check that IMC is listening on UDP/69. You may need to restart the IMC tftp server component. 


Check that your WIndows firewall settings allows incoming TFTP. 


Login to your switch. Try running a manual TFTP backup to the IMC server IP, and see if it succeeds. If it doesn't, check our your firewalls/ACLs between the switch & the IMC server.

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Re: Backup config with TFTP fails

Thanks. Apparently unistalling tftp software from Windows box, solved my issue. I didnt know that there qwas a built in tftp server on IMC. I had some other issues with telnet but found answers in some older posts of yours.

Thak you