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Can we define snmp agent address in HP Ux ?

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Can we define snmp agent address in HP Ux ?

We require a HPUX (hostname abc1) box to configure to send trap to a NMS server.


For some other application, The  /etc/hosts and DNS require to define the host abc1 to have the IP as (on lan0)  . abc1 also has another interface on lan1 with ip


The route to the NMS server will be using lan1


We notice abc1 sends the trap to NMS server, the src IP header is , but the snmp agent addr in the snmp payload is  


If the NMS server  configure abc1 as , it will not record/accept the trap .


If the NMS server configure  abc1 as,  it will record/accept the trap from src ip , but the keepalive/snmpget would send to and fail (because there is no route to


I cannot find such configuration in snmpd.conf. Is there a way to define specifically the snmp agent address for the trap sending ?


# uname -a
HP-UX abc1 B.11.23 U ia64 0197547608 unlimited-user license