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Change Alarms email Content

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Change Alarms email Content

At the moment, we recieve a email for any AP's that go offline, however it doesnt state the AP Label that can be found on IMC.

Instead it sends the IP address and Serial number. Can this be changed? Its a pain to route back from the IP to track down the AP that has gone down.


It would be much easier if it just displayed the name of the AP in its intial email.


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Re: Change Alarms email Content

You can edit qvdm.conf to change the email subject. Might be worth trying that to see if you can get the format a bit different. You may also be able to change the parameters used in the alarm.

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Re: Change Alarms email Content



1/ Navigate to IMC > Alarms > All Alarms, open the alarm you wish to customize

2/ In the alarm details screen, take note (copy) of the Trap OID

3/ Navigate to IMC > Alarm > Trap Management > Trap Definition. At the top of the page you can see the "Search Trap Name" search box. Next to this, you can enable the Advanced search (using the >> arrows, but they point down).

4/ In the TRAP OID field, enter the previously copied OID and Search

5/ For the found Trap, use the Modify link to modify the trap

6/ The Description field here is what you will get in the Email content. Beware that this also modifies the description used in the IMC Alarm list.


Hope this helps,

best regards,Peter