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Change address 3C905B-COMBO

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Change address 3C905B-COMBO

I have a card 10/100 PCI Combo NIC(3C905B-COMBO), I am usig the BNC port forconnection with a divice (PLC), but in the divice only is possible to configure a convination of the following addresses:

BASE ADDR: 260,290,2E0,300,350,380,3E0

RAM ADD: C0000,C4000,C8000,CC000,D0000,D4000,D8000,CD000,E0000

I installed correctly the card in WINDOWS 98SE and windows assing the card address (range input/output) F200-F27F, this address do not serve to comunicate with a divice PLC, then I change manually the address but neither is displayed a address appropiate.

How do I change the Address I/O (range input/output) to an appropiate address

many thanks