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Change alert description for iMC alarm

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Change alert description for iMC alarm

Hello.  We currently use iMC to monitor all of our wireless access points that are configured within the Fit AP list.  However, when one ofthe access points goes down, or a new one is configured, we receive an alert with a description similar to:


The trap signifies that the SNMP entity has detected a device of which its serial number is : XXXXXXXXX and its ip address is : XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX state change to : disconnected


Is there a way to change the description for these alerts so that the AP Name or AP Label can be added, as we have configured all of the AP's we use with a friendly name and label, so we can instantly identify where they are.  When we receive the alert such as above, it isn't clear which AP this is referring to, as we are only shown the serial number and IP address.  If the AP Name or AP Label could be added to these alerts, that would make things so much quicker for us to identify which AP the alert is referring to.


Thank you in advance.

Oliver Wehrli
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Re: Change alert description for iMC alarm



Under System > Trap Management > Trap Definitions you can build custumized traps or modify System-defined ones and add custom information to the trap that is sent in such an event.


What is the Name/Sys-OID of the trap you receive in your case?


It takes a bit of getting used to the concept of how SNMP traps are structured but with a bit of effort you should be able to integrate the information you want into the SNMMP trap. You might want to look at system-defined traps to reverse engineer the structure or maybe have a read on the IMC 7.1 Administrator guide (Chapter 8).




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Re: Change alert description for iMC alarm

Thank you for that, I've managed to find the trap (AP Device State Change) and modify the alert so that the AP Name is now used.  The email alerts are now so much clearer.