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Checkpoint 1430 monitoring

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Checkpoint 1430 monitoring

Does anyone have issues monitoring checkpoint 1430 

imc can't seem to report ports speeds correctly depending upon the build version

Linux FW-xxx-xxx-01 3.10.20-al-5.0-pr2 #1 SMP Thu Dec 21 14:59:51 IST 2017 armv7l doesn't seem to work

Linux FW-xxx-xxx-01 3.10.20-al-5.0-pr2 #1 SMP Wed May 9 14:34:10 IDT 2018 armv7l does work

it doesn't seem to be able to differentiate between Lan1 (port) and Lan1 (switch)

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


Re: Checkpoint 1430 monitoring


This is usually caused by limited Firewall support for SNMP and/or non-standard implementations. IMC reads interface information from devices via the standard IF-MIB and I would suggest walking it on your Checkpoint manually and checking the output.

You could walk it via the MIB Management tool (Device Details > Action > MIB Management or System > Resource Management > MIB Management), then navigating through the hierarchy to the IF-MIB and right-clicking and selecting Walk. Alternatively using some other tool like net-snmp for the same thing.

Are you able to walk the MIB? If so, what does it report for those interface indexes under "ifSpeed" ( Note that speed here is reported in bps.

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