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Custom Index Label problem

Occasional Contributor

Custom Index Label problem



I'm trying to add a custom index.

There is no problem getting the values but I can not get the lables right.


I have 4 instances with label oid's = DMZ = Internal = External = Lan1


I fill out in the instance label field

When I test I see my instances in like [interface::.1].[interface::.0] And I was expecting something like [interface::DMZ].[interface::.0]


When I fill out for example I do only get the label for 1 instance(DMZ) not for the other instances and so I should make a seperate instance for all instances only to get the label.....


The problem actualy seems to be the 0 at the end of the oid.

I tried stuff like as a instance label field without result.


Does anyone know how to get the labels when the OID ends in 0 for each instance instead of the index number?


Thanks for helping,