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Re: Custom content in email alerts?

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Custom content in email alerts?

I am struggling a bit with customizing email alerts in IMC. I have created an alarm triggered by a certain trap, and det most basic message I have managed to get so far contain: IP adress of my IMC, Source of the trap, Location and Contact (based on snmp information on the agent device?), name of the trap, trap time and a description.


How can I further minimize content? Can I remove trap name and location and contact?


The reason I want to customize content is that we use an sms gateway which we utilize by sending emails to it. If we have to much information, it does not fit into a regular sms.



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Re: Custom content in email alerts?

Unfortunately you can't customise the email body. 


You can change the subject though - look in <IMC>\server\conf\qvdm.conf


Near the bottom there is a configuration option for changing the email subject.  You'll need to restart jserver after making changes.


You can use a few different variables, and change the order a bit to make it more meaningful when truncated to 160 characters. I also recommend tweaking the alarm description a bit to make it more meaningful. You might be able to use parameters in the alarm description, and then put that at the start of the Subject line.


Then at least the important information should get through, and it won't matter if the stuff at the end of the email body gets truncated.


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Re: Custom content in email alerts?

Thank you for your reply. 

I found the setting in the qvdm-file. I guess I need to tweak my sms-gateway a bit as well. At the moment it does not include email subject in the sms.


If I should have a sms-gateway directly on my IMC server - is it still the same information that is being sent, or are the sms's shortened?

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Re: Custom content in email alerts?

Ah yes, I later wondered if maybe your Subject line was being stripped. The SMS gateway I use includes the Subject line, so I often put the key info in there.


I haven't tried using the built-in SMS functionality, although I would assume it truncates the message. I only ever install on a VM, so using a GSM modem isn't very practical.


An alternative option is to forward traps to another Event Management System, which gives you more control over manipulating the message before sending out Emails/SMS. But that only really works if you're also using another EMS for other reasons. Not so practical to install it just for that.