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Device Panel missing module J9309A

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Device Panel missing module J9309A



we ar running iMC PLAT 7.1 (E0303P06) and when I open the "Open Device Panel" from the device view not all modules for the selected switch are shown.

The switch is a "HP J8698A Switch 5412zl, revision K.15.13.0005, ROM K.15.30" and the module which is not shown is "HP J9309A 4p 10-GbE SFP+ zl Module"


Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Device Panel missing module J9309A

Same here - none of my 9309A modules display. My other modules display fine - 5412zl K.15.13.0006


So I had previously noticed references to the Visual panel Desinger - its included in the install for the platform/windows/tools/vpd


I exported the panels from IMC and opened in the tool, and compared the values for the mib for that module with the actual values - there is a mismatch!! they left out a 1 in the OID for that module so it does not match the panel with the actual module if present


Value IS



I've corrected that and now the modules display correctly, however I'm not seeing the port status reflected in the display.


I'm going to see what's up with the ports then post more details - but outline is:


export from IMC, fix in VPD, export out of VPD and then import back into IMC. From IMC start at System > Resource Management > Panel Management.


MAKE SURE to keep the original export from IMC safe just in case.


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Re: Device Panel missing module J9309A

Here is the procedure in attached PDF and image of the switch all lit up.


You can also use this tool to make you own panels. Search for Docs on the web.