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Device show as ICMP

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Device show as ICMP

Hi, i am testing IMC 7.


Most of my 2510G Switches shows up correct, but some as ICMP, the model and the firmware are the same on all ??


Any idea what to do ??


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Re: Device show as ICMP

I suggest you have a look at these devices and make sure SNMP v2c is enabled

The SNMP community must and the login credentials need to match the one entered in the automatic discovery.

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Re: Device show as ICMP



As mentioned the first thing to check is SNMP access for those devices,  if they are showing up as ICMP that generally means that IMC for whatever reason was unable to access the device via SNMP.


There are a couple of ways to do this.

Go to the device details page for one of the devices that is showing as ICMP.  On the right meny under "configure" select "configure SNMP settings" then hit the test button.  That will invoke a test from IMC to try to access the device with the provided SNMP communities/credentials.  IF it fails double check SNMP on the device and what is configured in IMC.


The other way to check SNMP (and CLI) for multiple devices is under Resources--> Batch Operations--> Check Access Settings.  From there you can select multiple devices (grab all of them that failed to discover properly) and select SNMP and whichever CLI method you have configured as the "login-type" for those devices (telnet/SSH).  IMC will then test the validity of the SNMP R/O and R/W communities configured in IMC, as well as it's ability to access the gear via CLI.


If you have any "IP Authorized-Managers ..." statements in the 2510 then managment ACLs are enabled, and you'll want to make sure that IMCs subnet or address is included in one of the Authorized-manager statements or the switch won't allow access.  You should be able to check the log on the switch and get some clues there (request from invalid community string, or request from invalid IP etc)


Once you've tested and it has passed - then synchronize/refresh those devices (may take a few seconds) and the device should change from ICMP to 2510G.