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Devices = ICMP

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Devices = ICMP


I've just installed HP IMC in my network.

I scanned devices (HP Procurve 2520) but they have all the same model (ICMP).

Is that explain that I don't see vlan, ports settings, ... ?

I've readed that is was a snmp problem.

The OID of Procurve2520 is still on in the HP Database.

I've launched SNMPWALKER since the server where HP is installed :

C:\Outils\SNMPWALK>snmpwalk.exe -r: -t:10 -c:"bob" -os:.

It's working.

I have checked the snmp settings in IMC and I have the result :

Device "" does not support the operation.

Do you have any idea ?



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Re: Devices = ICMP

yes - snmp is needed for IMC to discover the information about the device.


These are needed:


on switch, set snmp communities for read and read-write. There may be default of public and private already set or maybe not.


in IMC for the device, go to right side of screen - configure, modify snmp settings, and set version, read only and read write strings set above. There is a test button to confirm.


Add/verify trap destination is IMC server if you want to recieve traps from switch.


Additionally under system/resource management there is snmp template. Here you can set various combinations required for deifferent devices. If you do this first, then you can pick existing template for the device rather than entering it each time.


once you get this setup it should then display the correct device information.

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Re: Devices = ICMP

It's interesting that a manual snmpwalk is working, but it's not working from within IMC. 


I would guess there's some problem with the SNMP credentials when you entered them into IMC. Either a typo, or maybe some character it didn't like?


You could use Wireshark on the IMC server, and watch the SNMP traffic generated when IMC is doing discovery. You can then check that IMC is using the expected community string, and you can see if there's any response from the switch.