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Does 3ND support 3 Layers topologie


Does 3ND support 3 Layers topologie

Hi All,

I try to use 3ND for supervising a large COMPUS with 3 layers "Edge / Distribution / Core"

Edge to Distribution configured with L2 switching / Trunks/Intervlan Routing.

Distribution to Core / Dynamique routing using OSPF with to Equal cost L3 links.

Core composed with 2 x 8810.

Distribution / 9 x 1 paires of 7750.

Edge with 4500 Stack.


3ND can't get a correct toplogie ?

Any one has a idea about this problem?


VCX IPT Enterprise & Connect 3SA, LAN CORE 3IAP, 3DP, CCNA, CCDA, CSE
3Com VCX Enterprise Expert, 3Com Enterprise LAN Expert, HP AIS Network Infrastructure 2011, CCNA R&S, CCNA Voice, CCDA