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Email Notifcation Unkwon Device

Occasional Contributor

Email Notifcation Unkwon Device

Hi Guys,


i need your help.


We are using some HP ProCruves 2530, which sends snmp traps to IMC, if a Port goes up or down.

Our IMC (7.0) get the Traps and we escalate them to Alarms to get an Email Notification.


On basis of Licencis, i would like to delete the ProCurves.  After that i get the traps of the Device, which has the IP as it name. But the escalation to alarm doesnt work an i dont get an Email anymore.


I try to uncheck the Trap Filters, but i doesnt work either.


Is there a possibility to get an Email Notification of an unkonw device, which sends snmp traps, if a Port (link-change) goes up or down?


Regards Phil

Honored Contributor

Re: Email Notifcation Unkwon Device don't want to pay for a device license, but you do want to monitor that device? And you don't care if the switch is up or down, you only want to know if a port changes state? (Usually it's the other way - if they're low-value edge switches, people don't care about port state change, they only care about if the whole switch is running or not).


I don't think you're going to achieve what you want with IMC. If you just want to turn traps into email, without paying for it, you're probably better off using something like Trap Receiver (, or one of the many good Open Source NMS tools out there.