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Enterasys C5K125-48P2 CPU Alarm Threshold

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Enterasys C5K125-48P2 CPU Alarm Threshold



The problem I'm running into is that this Enterasys switch (C5K125-48P), displays its CPU utilization in tenths of a percent, instead of using a whole number. (Ex: SNMPGet on CPULoad5sec yields 160, which translates to 16%)


So far, what I've seen in IMC is that the default alarm thresholds only accept values from 0-100, but this Enterasys functions on values between 0-1000.


In short, is there a way I can modify a CPU/Custom index to accept a value beyond 100?


I've tried going the route of creating a custom index, but I don't think I've quite got the formula syntax correct.

Currently, the forumla looks like this: OID*.10

My hope was that by multiplying the Get value of the OID by .10, I'd end up with 10% of the returned value and finally have a number IMC can work with.

Unfortunately, this current formula doesn't work and I've exhausted most other options I could think of.


Any outside knowledge would be an immense help to me,


Thank you!