Entity sensor MIB Cisco in IMC

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Entity sensor MIB Cisco in IMC

Hi, I would like to monitor the temperature of my Cisco 4431.

I add the MIB entity sensor on IMC, I add the custom index then during the test the results of the index propose several instances. I would like to be able to display in the Ressource,  device view tab only some instance (celsisus) and not all the mib.


I can stop the other probes from monitoring but it's not very nice

the oid is and they return data of type, rpm fan, Mv cpu, Watts, and celsius. 




Re: Entity sensor MIB Cisco in IMC

Hello there,

In resource - performance option- display index is where you configure , which monitors to desplay on Resource-device page. However there is no option to delete only  some  of the entity tempreture sensors . I got same result as you with a Comware switch,.

Of course oyu can choose which sensors to start or stop monitor.

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