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Error Patch 7.2 E0403 to E0403P10

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Error Patch 7.2 E0403 to E0403P10

During the upgrade Alarm Management we get error messages - There is already an object named 'tbl_trap_forward_record' in the database. Do you have any ideas ?

Note: Another modules are after upgrade corect...
Very thanks...

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Re: Error Patch 7.2 E0403 to E0403P10

That is a table in the monitor_db. On my system its empty. 

My reading of the message is that there are some custom records in that DB and the update is trying to write over them. This is a guess based on prior issues with updates..

If you want to try messing with it, you will need to back up the db, and then first check and see if there are any records in that table.

If so, make a  note of what they reference so you can re-add later, then delete those records and try the upgrade adgain. If still not working,  drop the table  and then try again. If this fixes it, re-add any needed information previously deleted.

Otherwise you will need to log a ticket with HP

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Re: Error Patch 7.2 E0403 to E0403P10



There is a critical altert from HPE concerning the IMC upgrade process.

I do not know if you are in the scope of the mentionned configuration, but if it is the case you should probably log a call to HPE.