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Error Trying to compile a checkpoint MIB

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Error Trying to compile a checkpoint MIB

Hi, I´m trying to monitor some VSX firewalls, I got the MIB file from $CPDIR/lib/snmp/chkpnt.mib in the VSX gateway but when I try to compile it, I got the next result: 


[INFO]Begin to compile mib files>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
[ERROR]Compile mib file(CHECKPOINT-MIB.mib) in directory(Checkpoint) failed.
Invalid Enumerate  in parsing enumerate phase.
Exception Line Number:522
520:                           init(132),
521:                }
522?---->>            ACCESS  read-write
523:             STATUS  mandatory
524:             ::= { raUsersEntry 20 }  

[INFO]********** Total 1 MIB files compiled. **********
[INFO]********** In all 0 compilations succeed. **********
[INFO]Compiling mib files finished>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Anyone know how to fix it? What else can I do? thanks for your help.

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Re: Error Trying to compile a checkpoint MIB

I've just got almost the same issue with a Netgear MIB.


Just remove the comma here => init(132),


And try again.