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Error while installing IMC

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Error while installing IMC



I'm new to IMC and this is the 1st time to install it, I have installed MySQL 5.5.21 and now trying to install IMC but keeps getting the below error:


ERROR 1071 (42000) at line 389: Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes


Note sure what is the cause of this and how to solve it, I'm not a database guy so not sure what to do :)

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Re: Error while installing IMC

Please check with the installation guide for MysQL your MySQL configuration. If you have done all correctly, than it must work. Check especially your root password. Use for the configuration this way:


Start > All Programs > MySQL 5.5 > MySQL Server Instance Configuration Wizard


Hope this help, Regards,


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Re: Error while installing IMC

The MySQL version i'm using is the new one which has different steps but I have done the same as mentioned in the document from the beginning and showing the mentioned error.


Re: Error while installing IMC

Hi Islam!


Good to see you around again, hope you've been doing well :-)


Can't say I'm a database expert, but this looks like a MySQL issue, and the allowed key length seems to depend on the engine you're using. Perhaps the following articles can help you out:


Best regards,
Justin Guse

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Re: Error while installing IMC

Hi Justin,


Good To see you again :) hopo you are doing well and no angry customers :P


Nice catch ;) I know this is a database issue I searched for the error and I did change the engine but got a new error lol :D so I though I might find someone who faced this before and can help in an easy way, will try to install it in another system and check, and if same error will try to use the same MySQL version mentioned in the guide and check maybe it will help.


Thanks a lot Justin :) (Nice to see the team working hard ;) )


Hope to see you as L2 soon :)