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Failed IRF stack: no snmp trap

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Failed IRF stack: no snmp trap


I enabled SNMP Traps for all my devices.

 dis snmp-agent trap-list
   arp trap enable
   bfd trap enable
   bgp trap enable
   configuration trap enable
   default-route trap enable
   flash trap enable
   ospf trap enable
   pim trap enable
   standard trap enable
   stp trap enable
   system trap enable
   vrrp trap enable

   Enable traps: 12; Disable traps: 0

Recently one power supply of an IRF stack full of A5500-EI devices failed. The switch stack with the rest of the members  and uplink ports on other switches ran without any problems. I wasn´t notified by IMC. For that stack IMC showed some 0.01% discarded packets on some ports, that´s it. Nothing special.

No sign that a whole switch was dead, nor IRF had a problem, nor a failed power supply, nothing. I was informed by customers that they had problems...

So, what can I do to let IMC check the complete IRF stack including its members?


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Re: Failed IRF stack: no snmp trap

If you go into the Alarm Notification section, you can create an alarm for the trap names of "Topology type of stack change" and "Link status of stack port change". This will let you know when the stack formation type changes. Also, if you do a similar alarm for the boards, you will see when a switch is removed from a stack.