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HOW TO change database


HOW TO change database

Hi to all,
I leave this message to ask if anyone can tell me what is the procedure to modify the database configuration of an IMC.
I have an IMC with SQL Express locally... As this DB starts to become small, I have installed a new dabatase (SQL Server 2008) on another server.
How can I make sure that my IMC stop point to the local database (SQL Express) and become to start point to the new remote databases (SQL Server 2008).
I know how to do when I do a new install, but if I can't reinstall the product?
I also know how to do to export and import tables from the database.

I need to know how I can change the pointing from the local to the remote DB.

Thanks in advance to those who respond me.

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Re: HOW TO change database

I haven't seen any document procedure for doing this, but I believe it _should_ be possible, since the databases IP address ( is defined in a couple of XML files.

If this is a production system, it might be best to log a support case, to find out if there is a fully supported procedure.

Re: HOW TO change database

ok tnks... 


if anyone obtain an official procedure, bring it back! please! :)