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HP IMC E0403P10 update caused more problems than fixes

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HP IMC E0403P10 update caused more problems than fixes

I have gone ahead and updated my IMC installation as recommneded by an HP Advisory RE: Critical Update Dated 09/26/16 for 3 serious issues.

I shutdown Database, hit the "install" button, go through all the hoops, and it seems to install.

Looking into the "Details" tab: A total of 16 items for deployment. but ONLY the first 7 actually install, stating "DEPLOYED". The rest of them state "For Upgrade". What?? Is this expected?? is this working as it should or completly foobarred.

Yet I can still connect and use the system and the interface seems to be the same?? So why are these other Updates...not installing?

"Batch deploy interrupted with error. Log file drive letter:\\program files\iMC\tmp\"

Then it throws up a text file.....and with-in looks like a bunch of duplicate key errors.


MSG 2627, Level 14, State 1, Server HP-IMC, Line 1

Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_tbl_perf_FEEC bla bla bla. CANNOT insert duplicate key in object 'imc.tbl_perf_template. The duplicate key value is (496)

Three errors all like this with different (values) then at the end:

The statement has been terminated.

(0 rows affected) << this repeated 11 times


Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: HP IMC E0403P10 update caused more problems than fixes

For updates you do not need to shutdown anything, the update scripts should handle it.

The DB needs to be up because the schema or the data or both may need to be updated.

The duplicate key issue has shown up for me, when I added a custom object to a module, and the update wanted to write data into the same table. Since my mod already existed and got created with a key field value that matched the data being written by the script it failed with errors as below.  See this thread