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HP IMC Monitor Temperature?

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HP IMC Monitor Temperature?


I am currently trying to get HP IMC 7 to monitor the temperature of HP 5412zl switches and perhaps some 5920-AF switches after that.

The “#show system temperature” command is available on the cli, so in theory I should be able to find some MIB and OID details, but I am struggling. It is those – among other – details that I need to fill in the “create custom index” screen; of which I have attached a screenshot.

Has anybody set HP IMC to monitor the temperature of HP switches? If so, any help and advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!



Re: HP IMC Monitor Temperature?

With IMC 7.0 E0202 and ProCurve Provision switches running newer K.15.xx branches of software, I do not believe it would be necessary to create a Custom Index.


I have attached an example using Performance Management in IMC with a ProCurve 8212 to select Temperature Monitors.


Hope it helps!

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