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HP IMC NTA 7.2 (E0401P03) has no data

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HP IMC NTA 7.2 (E0401P03) has no data



I have had this issue for quite a while now and after upgading today to the latest version of IMC and NTA it remains. RECEIVER.EXE is constantly failing to start due to an Unknown error occurred in stating the process.

I can see similar errors around but none of the fixes seem to work for me. This first happened with i upgraded to version 7.2 of IMC and NTA. Up to this time it all worked but now nothing. It does continue to display the baseline graph for all interfaces in NTA but there is nothing for IN or OUT data specifically on the interface.

imc nta no data.PNG

 This is happening be it a HP or Cisco device.


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Re: HP IMC NTA 7.2 (E0401P03) has no data

Same here - after the upgrade nothing. Re did the config s. Acts like its deploying the tasks.

Edit: But I do get sessions data

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Re: HP IMC NTA 7.2 (E0401P03) has no data

This may not apply you but I've resolved this issue for my setup. In my case I migrated to a new server to upgrade the OS as well as IMC.

After restoring the 7.1 db to the new server and upgrading to 7.2, the switch's sflow configuration still pointed to the old server ip.

Deleting and re-adding the device in NTA did not reset the switch side. I had to clear the sflow config manually on the switch, then reconfig on imc to get sflow going to the right place.

So check the sflow destination on the switch to make sure it points to the current imc ip.