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HP iMC future path?

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HP iMC future path?

Hi Folks,

I haven't seen an upgrade available for 2 years, anyone have an idea of what HP has in mind for this software?

Just curious.



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Re: HP iMC future path?

Latest HPE IMC software version is 7.3 E0605 Patch 06 (P06), released at end of November I mean that development is (slowly?) going on.

Do you mean when 7.4 will be released (if any)?

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Re: HP iMC future path?

I've also gotten feedback on my cases indicating that they are committed to fixing bugs at least.

I'm curious though to know more on what the strategic thinking is. Its a very broad application, with a lot of functionality, but some modules are deeper than others, and not all brands are equally supported (no surprise there I guess). There's also Aruba integration and branding.

So is the primary effort adding more features to existing modules/brands/devices or adding more modules to extend the breadth of managment? How much is the Aruba integration going to take priority? The UI has some areas which could be polished and improved.

I lean more towards extending the depth  in current modules and improving the UI & code quality.

I just hope HPE sees the value in continuing to invest in it. And hope they are marketing it effectively enough to fund it.


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Re: HP iMC future path?

Thank you for the info!