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HPE IMC 7.2 Application Monitoring

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HPE IMC 7.2 Application Monitoring

Hello Everyone,


I just started working for a company that has HPE IMC in use for their network monitoring. At this time we are having a webserver that operates fine but from time to time the wireframe service will just stop running and the webpages hosted by the webserver cannot be accessed. Now I know that IMC has the capability of monitoring applications with APM but is there a way that IMC can monitor a certain application on a server? If someone could help with answering this question it would be great. Thank you in advance.




Question: Can IMC monitor application listed outside on the APM list or certain application?



HPE IMC Version 7.2

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Re: HPE IMC 7.2 Application Monitoring

Look up "Configuring service monitoring" in the Admin Guide. You can add monitoring of a web page.

It's not intended to be deep monitoring of the application though. Just basic monitoring that the service is responding.

If you need deep application monitoring, or server-level monitoring (e.g. processes, logfiles), then you should look at a tool that's designed to do that, rather than IMC, which is a network tool with some complementary service monitoring added.

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Re: HPE IMC 7.2 Application Monitoring

Did you have installed the latest patch for APM v7.2 or better upgrade to imc V7.3 and APM v7.3. Some additional applications was added and bugs are fixed.

imc is not possible to monitor applications outside APM. imc can monitor some services in the section Perfomance Monitoring, but not the application.