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HPE IMC Device Model Showing - Unknown SNMP Product

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HPE IMC Device Model Showing - Unknown SNMP Product

When i Try to add CheckPoint Firewall to the IMC , IMC showing  , SNMP device Model Unknown

but i can see  SYSOID



showing  am using IMC - 7.3  (E0705P07)

Database : MYSQL - version 8.0.0

how i will add SNMP MIB also how i will take autobackup for the same ,

requesuing support





Re: HPE IMC Device Model Showing - Unknown SNMP Product


iMC doesn't currently have support for CheckPoint firewalls. You could get it to display the model correctly by going to System > Resource Management > Device Definition and defining the Vendor, Series and Model... though this will not help iMC do a backup or read third-party device MIBs.

What do you intend to do with the SNMP MIBs, because of which you'd like to add them to iMC? Simply importing/compiling MIBs in iMC does not expand iMC's functionality to read third-party information from devices via SNMP, unless you want to create a Custom Index for performance management.

As for AutoBackup or configuration backup/restore in general, iMC does not have an adapter folder for CheckPoint at all, so it will not work unless you write it yourself. There have been numerous topics on this already. See for example

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Re: HPE IMC Device Model Showing - Unknown SNMP Product

Hi Justin ,


Thank you for your update , i already updated device and now my device is showing Checkpoint .

below steps i performed .


1. I  downloaded MIB Files from CheckPoint Site -

2. On IMC -->System --> Resource Managemnet --> MIB Management --> New window will open ( MIB Managemnet )

3. On MIB managemnet -->tools---->Load MIB files 

4.  created Checkpoint Folder and Complie MIB files after that added  MIB Files to the folder

5. close the MIB managment

6 . Now i added Device Model and details

7 . open System -->Resource Managment -->Device Definition

8 Add Device Vendor , Device Series , Device Model,Device Categorie

9 . Now my device showing Device detail


Thank you