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I'm looking for a workaround to install IMC on a Win2016 server.

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I'm looking for a workaround to install IMC on a Win2016 server.

I've read the release notes and know that it's not listed as a support OS.  We're in a migration phase and no one wants to bring 2012 R2 back into our infrastructure.  Is it possible to get IMC installed on a Win2016 server or am I just out of luck?


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Re: I'm looking for a workaround to install IMC on a Win2016 server.

You can install it on your one risk. Please read the info in the windows\tools\MSKBsC. You find itif you unzipped imc..

Microsoft update could stop the installation of imc and connection to the DB.  "....... confirmed that the previously mentioned updates added the TLS_DHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA and TLS_DHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA cipher suites but the cipher suites have problems that can cause database connection failure.

The two new cipher suites were added for compatibility with early applications that use RC4 (, which is not used by industry at present. The two cipher suites use 512-bit encryption. Microsoft considers that 512-bit encryption is not secure enough, and another Windows update ( forces the server to use 1024-bit encryption, resulting in decryption failure on IMC."

If you delete this two SSL cipher than the installation works also on Windows 2016. Sometime, if you check the SSL cipher, the programm MSKBsC tell you "...passed", but please check it directly per gpedit.msc, and if they are in, delete.


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Re: I'm looking for a workaround to install IMC on a Win2016 server.

I found the release notes for IMC 7.3 E0605, which states that Windows 2016 is a supported operating system. Also, in the E0605 release the embeeded database has been replaced with SQL 2016 express. All good, except that I cannot yet find anywhere to download it. Hopefully it comes out soon.

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Re: I'm looking for a workaround to install IMC on a Win2016 server.

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Re: I'm looking for a workaround to install IMC on a Win2016 server.

Dave, and any other having an issue getting a fresh install of IMC 7.3 E0605,

I personally ran into this issue with IMC 7.3 E0605 on Server 2016, and Server 2012.

When I tried to install 7.3 E0605, during the inital checking phase, I got an error that (dot) .NET 4.6 was not installed.  I verfied it was installed (Add Roles and Features Wizard), and it was.  I installed (dot) .NET 3.5 for extra measure, with no success.

I called Aruba/HPE support, and they said this was a known issue with E0605  on Server 2016 and sugested trying it on 2012, which I was ok with.

I tried installing E0605 on Server 2012, and got a (dot) .NET error, and the installed again failed.  I started to suspect an installer issue.

I have older install of IMC running E0605 running on 2012, but it was upgraded from E0506, so I know it worked, at least as an upgrade.  This prompted me to come up with the the following solution:

  1. I started the deployment of the last major release, IMC 7.3 E0506, on Server 2016 and select custom.
    • I let IMC install a local copy of SQL Express.
      unless allowed IMC to do this, I was not given the opportunity to enter SQL credentials for an external SQL server.
      I'm not sure if this is a bug, or there are dependent files, installed by SQL Express, that IMC/IMC install needs.
    • When the install reached the point, where it was asking for the SQL credentials, I canceled the installation.
  2. I started the deployment of the newest release IMC 7.3 E0605
    • I continued through the install, as I would with any IMC install
    • In my case, I am using a dedicated SQL server, running SQL 2014, therefore I entered the SQL server information, and credentials, instead of using the local SQL instance. (after removing the SSL Cipher Suites TLS_DHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA and TLS_DHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA from the SQL server)
  3. I was able to subsequently upgrade to E0605P04 and then E0605H05.

It seems that having at least the precursor installation of IMC 7.3 E0506 is enough to satisfy the IMC 7.3 E0605 installer, to get around what seems to be a bug in the E0506 installer.

I believe these same steps will work on Server 2012.

I hope this helps!

- jam